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Victron Smart Battery Sense Victron Smart Battery Sense
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Item #: CCV21200 -

Victron Smart Battery Sense is a wireless battery voltage and temperature sensor for Victron MPPT Solar Chargers. With voltage and temperature sense in place, batteries will be better charged; improving charging-efficiency and prolonging battery life. Smart Battery Sense improves battery charging by measuring voltage at the battery bank terminals, errors arising from voltage-loss due to cable resistance are avoided - guaranteeing the correct charge-voltage. For lead batteries, battery...

VE Bus Smart Dongle VE Bus Smart Dongle
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Item #: IVV50240 -

The VE.Bus Smart dongle is two products in one: First of all it is the bluetooth accessory for our range of inverter/chargers: Multis, MultiPlusses, MultiPlus-II, MultiGrid, MultiGrid-II, Quattros, and our series of Phoenix Inverters with a VE.Bus port. When installed, use the VictronConnect app to monitor operation and also operate the system: change the input current limit as well as switch between Off, On and Charger-only modes. Secondly it can work as a Voltage- and Temperature-sense...

Victron VE.Buss Cable with RJ45  RJ45 UTP Cable, network cable, ethernet cable
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Use to interconnect various Victron energy related products that utilize their proprietary VE.Buss network interface.Please be sure to select the appropriate length for your installation needs.

Phoenix Digital Multi Control Remote Phoenix Digital Multi Control Remote, victron Phoenix Multi Control Remote
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Item #: IVV50221 -

Phoenix Digital Multi Control Remote is design both for Multiplus and Quattro Inverter Chargers.It allows PowerControl and PowerAssist current limit setting for two AC sources: a generator and shore-side current for example.Fixed setting range (for both models): 200 Amps. The brightness of the LED's is automatically reduced during night time.Connecting cable not included for the VE.Buss interface. Recommend the use of connecting cable IVV 800XX. ...