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    WCP-D is a series of low cost digital wind generator control panels. They are easy to install and will result in a professional operator station enhancing the beauty and value of your vessel, RV or remote home. It helps to reduce installation costs and makes wiring a snap with just 4 wires to connect. The WCP-D panel is available in 5 sizes (5A, 10A, 20A, 25A & 40A) that will work on 12-48V DC system.

    The WCP-D CONTROL PANEL operates and monitors the wind generator. It is equipped with power a On/Off circuit breaker, Digital display meter indicating wind generator output current, system voltage, instantaneous power and accumulated energy production. A Stop/Run switch allows for direct control of the generator. A clearly marked rear terminal block is provided for easy interconnect of the 2 wind generator wires and 2 battery power wires. Panel is fully calibrated and ready for installation.

    Recommended wind generator to be used with each of the models is as follows:

    5A - 48V Air Breeze/AIR40

    10A - 24V Air Breeze/AIR40

    20A – 12V Air Breeze/AIR40 or 48V Air Silent X/AIR30

    25A – 24V Air Silent X /AIR30

    40A- 12V Air Silent X/ AIR30

    These panels may be usable with other wind generators, please email for technical advice on matching this control panel to your particular wind generator.

    These panels are designed to work with wind generators that have built in regulators in the generators nacelle having DC output (two wires). They cannot be used with wind generators that have a three wire output (wild AC). The control panel has no built-in battery charging regulation and therefore the wind generator must be equipped with its own regulator so that the batteries will not overcharge. WCP-D is designed for indoor use only.

    Each WCP-D includes a heavy duty plastic enclosure is made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). The dimensions is 6.6" x 4.2" x 2.1" ( For more information, click Here.) and 2 cable bushings.

    More detailed information:
    PDF WCP-D Specsheet
    PDF WCP-D Manual