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SKU: MKW01101A
Brand: e Marine
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    Mast Mounting Kit: All the hardware to install your wind turbine including mast and stays. Includes the brushed aluminum 1.5" Schedule 40 (1.9"OD, 1.61" ID) mast and two 1" diameter SS stay pipes (8' long which will need to be cut based on installation needs). Also included is a hinged isolated mast base, two isolated 1" stay tie mounts and related hardware to install the mast. Each mast is e Marine fabricated to include the necessary holes for easy installation.

    If selected, the mast will be internally coated with a special vibration absorbing material which reduces transmitted noise into the hull of the boat.

    e Marine coats (optional) the interior of the wind generator masts with a special material (reduces dia by .04") that absorbs the mechanical vibration generated by the wind generator reducing transmitted vibration into the hull making life aboard one step more pleasant.

    Recommended for use with Air Breeze, Air Breeze, Silentwind, Air X, Silent X, Rutland 913, 914 or 1200i, Silent Wind, Sunforce wind turbines. Should be used on wind generators up to 400W that weigh 28 pounds or less.

    Red arrows in photograph shows items that are included in this kit.

    A mast mounting kit (less the mast/stays) is also available. MKW01105

    Please call for fabrication of custom mast length for your special needs.

    Please note when ordering the 11 foot version of this kit UPS won't ship anything this long. You will incur an extra shipping charge after order. We will contact you after your order is placed to give your the correct shipping cost.

    Please add a $5.00 box handling fee