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    Solar Fishing Pole Portable 30W Battery Charger - Harvest up to 12 A-Hr a day of energy

    Portable 30W Solar Fishing Pole is an easy way to keep your fishing boat batteries fully charged when not in use. The Solar Fishing Pole is a ready to operate complete solar charging system that utilizes the power from a 30 W solar PV panel that will drop into any fishing rod holder and plugs directly into the auxiliary cigarette lighter.

    Includes everything you need to keep your battery topped off while docked, on the hook or just sitting in your driveway on the trailer.

    • 30 W solar panel mounted to be placed into any available fishing pole holder
    • Prewired to connect directly to your cigarette lighter
    • Rubber corner protectors eliminates any sharp edges

    Solar PV Ratings: 17 VDC; 1.74 Amps; 30W

    Regulator: 3A, 12V 2 stage charge controller

    Battery Type: works with flooded or AGM type batteries

    Dimensions: Length 21.3"; Width 20", Depth 1.4"

    Connection: Prewired 20 Foot cable with fused cigarette accessory plug

    Please contact us for other kits that are available for other solar PV sizes and Bimini mounting.

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    Good Stuff!!

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    I purchased two of your 30 watt pole holder solar panels to help in maintaining the Group 27 battery on my cruising sailboat and they have worked very well in providing a constant daytime charge of just under 14 volts.

    As I consume, at most, 24ah daily by being pretty stingy with consumption, the 60 watts of charging power goes a long way towards meeting my power needs.

    The panels are mounted on my stern rail and the simple adjustment they provide has made changing the angle of the panels according to the direction and degree of heel VERY easy.

    I also appreciate the portability. The panels are dead simple to remove as may be called for in "dicey" anchorages or in the yard.

    Good stuff!