• SCAD TM1 Tank Monitor - ELS10010
  • SCAD TM1 Tank Monitor - ELS10010
Price: $164.00
SKU: ELS10010
Brand: SCAD

    Tank Level Monitor

    The SCAD TM1 with External Sensor is an easy to install and cost effective solution to monitoring the liquid level in a nonmetallic tank up to 30" tall by simply touching a pad on the display. The kit comes with an external stick-­on level sensor that cannot get fouled like internal sensors. The monitor automatically checks and alerts when liquid levels are critical and features external alert output that can be connected to a light or audible alarm.

    SCAD TM1 Features:

    • Monitor water, grey water or holding tank level by simply
      tapping a touch pad; Compatible most fuel float sensors
    • Compact surface mount size; 1/2" hole required for wires
    • Operates on 12 or 24V systems
    • Continuous read function provides hands­ free monitoring
      while filling or emptying tanks
    • External sensor sticks to outside of plastic and composite tanks
    • Sensor cannot foul (excellent for water and waste tanks)
    • Optional internal sensor available for metal tanks;
    • Visual alarm indicator (full or empty user selectable)
    • External alarm control wire
    • Accommodates all tank shapes

    Works with internal tank sensors which are sold separately.  Tank monitor for 2 tanks available under a separate skew

    Example of sensors on outside of tank:

    SCAD TM1 Tank Monitor:
    SCAD TM1 Specsheet