Price: $446.00
SKU: SOX10106
Brand: Xantrex

    Xantrex 110W Solar Panel Max (73.7'' x 14.8'' x 0.08''), 29.2-43.8 VOC, 4.4 Imp

    The Xantrex Solar Max 110W, 110W Slim, 220W, 330W flex panels, feature solar panels with a mesh grid-technology that provides superior durability and performance benefits. With approximately 2000 points of contact per cell, this mesh grid-technology allows the panel to flex up to 180 degrees, without impacting power output. Subjected to extreme environmental and accelerated lifecycle testing beyond regulatory standards, the Max panel was tested to be 50 times more durable than a standard flexible panel. Also designed with a highly protective top-layer called ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene), this allows for better light transmittance, corrosion resistance, stain-resistance, weather resistance, and overall superior durability over a wide temperature range, compared to non-ETFE semi-flexible panels. In addition, the Max panel can harvest up to 20% more energy during the day in low light or shaded conditions compared to a standard solar panel.