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    Electric Yacht Offers a complete package designed to make an electric repower as easy and straight forward as possible:

    • uses state of the art permanent magnet ac (PMAC) motors and vector motor controllers, maximizing efficiency across the entire operating envelope.
    • offers adjustable regeneration that can be optimized to your boat, propeller and sailing conditions.

    The QuietTorque™ 10.0sd is recommended for boats up to 34’ (LOA) and 12,000lbs displacement. Typically programmed and sized to push boat at cruising or harbor speed. Typical battery size is 200Ah 48v or more.

    The kit is very complete and includes everything you will need except batteries, battery cables and charger. Contact us to help you design a complete system to meet your particular needs

    Standard Features

    Lower Unit Leg
    FG, CF or Aluminum
    Belt drive
    No oil/cooling
    Shaft Sealed bearings, No service shaft seals
    Throttle Prewired waterproof anodized Aluminum
    System Monitor
    High capacity programmable monitor
    • State of charge
    • Voltage, Current draw, RPM, battery type
    • Instant and accurate
    • Distance to discharge
    • Programmable regeneration
    • Throttle direction and throw
    Propeller Shaft
    1 inch stainless steel tapered shaft
    Power Switch
    Blue Sea two position switch
    Relay 500amp vacuum Tyco relay
    Fuse 250amp Class-t fuse & holder


    Boat size ranges (see note 1 below)
    34 ft (LOA)
    Boat Displacement
    12,000 lbs
    Motor Type PMAC Brushless motor
    48 volts
    Current 200 amps
    Maximum input power
    10.0 kW
    2 or 3 blade 12 to 16 Fixed or folding
    Maintenance No maintenance components
    Battery size
    200Ah or more
    Weight 62 lbs
    Frame Anodized Aluminum

    Note 1: In selecting the correct size electric motor, in areas with strong tides and currents, choose the next larger size motor. If your boat is heavy for its length, size up too. When in doubt, give us a call.

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