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SKU: CCB70032
Brand: Blue Sky

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    The ProTouch 3.5" Touchscreen Remote Display is a 3.5” flush-mounting touchscreen display compatible with any Blue Sky Energy charge controller with IPN network capability. It provides a user-friendly graphic interface for monitoring your solar system as well as five preset battery charge profiles (Lead Acid and Lithium LiFePO4) for your charge controller.

    ProTouch without Shunt: Flush Mounting 3.5″ touchscreen display, solar and battery monitoring with 5 preset profiles, RJ-11 cable 25′ (7.6 m) included

    ProTouch-S with Shunt: ProTouch remote display with 500A/50mV current shunt

    ProTouch Features

    • 3.5” touchscreen display with user-friendly graphic interface
    • Flush-Mounting
    • Display monitor for a single charge controller or in IPN Network (Master-Followers)
    ProTouch Information:
    PDF ProTouch Datasheet