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    Blue Sky 2512iX HV MPPT Charge Controller 12V / 20-25 amp affordable MPPT charge controller with 20 amp maximum 60 cell modules, 25 amp maximum 36 cell modules.

    Available both as low cost and full featured versions. Great for cost sensitive applications that require a quality, reliable MPPT controller capable of running 60 Cell modules. Full featured version includes LVD load control or lighting control. Optional mounting box available as a separate item.

    Patented Maximum Power Point Tracking technology allows the Solar Boost 2512iX-HV to increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional charge controllers. The new higher input voltage capability of the HV version product now allows the use of higher voltage lower cost 60 cell PV modules to charge a 12 volt battery.

    Solar Boost 2512iX-HV

    Additional features provided in the Solar Boost 2512iX HV version include automatic equalization, battery temperature sensor input, full IPN network compatibility, and an auxiliary output. The auxiliary output can serve as a 25 amp load controller, 25 amp lighting controller , or as a 2 amp auxiliary battery charger. The auxiliary battery charge feature is ideal for charging a separate battery such as the engine battery in an RV.

    Blue Sky Energy’s advanced Integrated Power Net™, or IPN Network, allows up to 8 IPN capable charge controllers to communicate with each other and operate as a single machine rather than separate charge controllers. The IPN network also allows networked controllers to share an optional battery temperature sensor and remote display. The IPN network does not require a display or other special hardware to operate.

    Disclaimer: Image shown with optional enclosure box.  To keep the cost down, since most installations do not require a mounting box, you must order with or without and enclosure.

    Blue Sky 2512iX-HV Optional Accessories:

    Universal Communication Module (UCM) for Blue Sky IPN

    Solar Boost 2512i or 2512iX Wall Mount Box
    Solar Boost 2000E/2512/3024/6024 Battery Temperature Sensor

    IPN Remote Display

    IPN Pro Remote Display

    Blue Sky 2512i-HV & 2512iX-HV information:
    PDF Solar Boost 2512i-HV & 2512iX-HV Datasheet

    Solar Boost 2512i-HV & 2512iX-HV Manual

    PDF Technical Bulletin #100214