Price: $269.00
SKU: SOP50205
Brand: AFP Power

    PowerFree 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel is based on premium cells that allow panel semi flexible giving you aesthetic appearance (via back-contact technology) for your boat, cart, marine, RV, etc.

    PowerFree 100w Semi-Flexible Features:

    • Four Stainless Steel Eyelets at Corners that help you tie or fix panels on your boats or vehicles.
    • Light Weight is brought by frameless structure, bringing you convenience to move panels around or store them.
    • Its dimensions are 43-3/8 inches x 22-1/2 inches x 1/8 inch with lightweight.
    • The SunPowerâ„¢ N-type cells with efficiency 22% make our panel the most efficient on the market.
    • Its slim on-top junction box carries MC4 connectors with 34-inch cables. It's ideal for boat, vehicle, etc. 12, 24 or 36 volts off-grid battery charging system.

    Ratings: Voltage 17.6 VDC; Current 5.40 Amps; Power 100W

    Dimensions: Length 43-3/8"; Width 22-1/2", Depth 1/8"