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SKU: IVM60150
Brand: Magnum

    Magnum ME SSI Series Stacking Interface Kit allows two Magnum MS4024 models to be connected together in a “series stacked” configuration to provide 120VAC and 240VAC outputs.

    When connected together in a series, the AC output of each inverter continues to provide 120VAC, but the two 120VAC output waveforms are also phase locked and synchronized 180° out-of-phase from each other to provide 240VAC.

    This is commonly referred to as a 120/240VAC split-phase or as a 240VAC single-phase with a center-tap neutral, and is the same AC voltage confi guration that most utility companies
    connect to houses.

    While inverting, a series stacked confi guration allows you to operate 240VAC loads at twice the power that is available from a single inverter; and, the ability to provide the power of each inverter separately to operate 120VAC loads.

    While charging, a series stacked confi guration allows the battery bank to be independently charged up to twice the power available from a single inverter; and if needed, provides back-up power for your 120/240VAC loads during a utility black-out.

    The ME-SSI kit consists of:

    • ME-SSI Owner’s Manual
    • Two DC interconnects cables (red and black)
    • Two DC terminal insulators (red and black)
    • Series Stacker cable


    More detailed information:
    PDF ME-SSI Owner's Manual
    PDF Accessories Data Sheet
    PDF Series Stacking Diagrams