Price: $438.00
SKU: WGP20172
Brand: Ryse Energy


    This high tech wind generator Blade Kit  allows for upgrade of all  existing Air Breeze, Air-X, Silent Air-X, Air-30, Air-40, Silentwind wind generators (12-24-48V) to the latest in high performance blades. The trendy distinctive Blue-White-Gray colored high-tech carbon fiber blades maximizes the capturing of wind energy with minimal noise. 

    The Wind Generator Blade Kit includes 3 balanced carbon fiber blades that are Blue with White and Gray stripes. Included in the kit is a new high density hub, nose cone along with mounting hardware. This new design eliminates the need for mechanical adjustment of tip to tip wind generator blade spacing making for easy quick and simple installation. The heavy weighted hub allows for more constant energy production and is resilient towards quick windspeed changes.

    Blades not sold separately

    High Tech Blade Kit Documents:
    High Tech Blade Kit Installation Guide High Tech Blade Kit Installation Guide