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    Xantrex Freedom Remote Control Panel 

    Freedom Remote Control Panel (Compatible with SW2012, SW3012, SW2024 and SW3024 models), will dramatically enhance the features and functions of Inverter/Charger system. As part of its suite of upgradeable accessories, the Xantrex System Control Panel provides full system configuration and diagnostic capability.

    Xantrex has been developing a NMEA 2000™ and RV-C compatible networking protocol that will implement networking into inverter/charger technology.

    Networking is an emerging technology that will offer significant benefits to the marine and RV industries. Similar to the way that an office computer network works, major components in boats and RVs will be connected, allowing them to transfer information, share controls, provide diagnostic data and coordinate their actions.

    The Xanbus System Control Panel is NOT compatible with the Freedom SW 2000(PN 815-2000), Freedom SW 3000 (PN 815-3000), MS Series, RS Series, Freedom 458, Freedom Marine, RV series GS and PROsine inverter/chargers.

    Freedom Remote Control Panel Features

    • Graphical 128x64 pixel LCD display
    • Large, tactile keys
    • Meets UL458 Marine and RV standards
    • Control and display of multiple networked devices
    • Xanbus Enabled
    • MFG P/N - 809-0921


    Freedom Remote Control Panel