Price: $299.00
SKU: ATB72053
Brand: Balmar


    Balmar Smartgauge 44-SG-12/24 Battery Monitor provides accurate, dependable information about battery condition, without the need for shunts and complicated programming. Simply select the battery program that most closely matches your battery technology.

    Balmar Smartgauge 44-SG-12/24 Features:

  • An Advanced Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Monitors State-of-Charge Percentage (SoC%) and Voltage of the Primary Battery
  • Monitors Voltage of a Second Battery
  • No Shunt Required
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Accurate within 5% after just a Few Cycles
  • High/Low Voltage and SoC% Alarms
  • Alarm Contacts for Auto Start/Stop
  • Balmar 44-SG-12/24 Information:
    PDF Balmar 44-SG-12/24 Manual