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SKU: ATB55017
Brand: Balmar


    Balmar Digital Duo Charge DDC-12/24 provides a safe, intelligent alternative for the care of your vessel’s engine starting battery. Unlike switches, isolators and other charge splitting devices, the Duo Charge is mounted between the vessel’s house and starting batteries rather than between the alternator and batteries. This allows the alternator and regulator to concentrate output based on the house battery’s needs. When the Duo Charge senses charging voltage at the house battery, it works like a DC- to-DC battery charger, providing up to 30 amps of regulated charging current to support the starting battery.

    Digital Duo Charge DDC-12/24 Multi Bank Charging

    • The DDC is a Solid-State Battery Combiner
    • Control Voltage and Current between House and Start Batteries
    • Eliminates the Need for an Isolator, Relay or Manually Operated Battery Switch
    • Used in Concert with Max Charge or ARS-5 Regulators
    • Can also be Employed without a Balmar Regulator
    • Works in Both 12V and 24V Applications
    • House and Start Batteries can be different technologies
    • Start Battery Temperature Sensing Available with the MC-TS-B Sensor Cable
    • 4 Battery Programs Supported for the Start Battery:
      Standard Flooded, Deep Cycle Flooded, AGM and Gel Cell

    Balmar Digital Duo Charge DDC-12/24

    Balmar DDC-12/24 Information:
    PDF Balmar DDC-12/24 Digitial Duo Charge Manual