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    Airdolphin Wind Turbine Pro 48V while small in size and mass, is no lightweight when it comes to capturing the power of wind. From the gentle breezes that inspired our company’s name to the raging gales that threaten the very existence of structures, the Airdolphin Pro declines no challenge.

    Through extensive testing in windy sites around the world, Airdolphin wind turbines have proven to be tough and efficient. Airdolphins instantly respond to the vagaries of wind, while delivering over 150 kWh per month at average winds speeds of 6 m/s (13.4 mph).

    In 2009, Zephyr Corporation launched the Airdolphin Pro 48V, specifically targeting industrial off-grid applications, and established American Zephyr Corporation to better serve a “green energy” conscious society.

    1 year factory warranty, 5 year option extended warrany available.


    Airdolphin Pro More Options: 

    Remote Control Monitor 48V
    Airdolphin Airdolphin RM 1000 Remote Control Monitor 48V for accumulated generated output (daily, monthly, total) display.
    Airdolphin 5 Year Extended Warranty
    Zephyr Airdolphin 5 Year Extended Warranty extends factory warranty to 5 years.
    Airdolphin Pro Parts
    Airdolphin Parts available for your Airdolphin wind turbine.


    Airdolphin Pro information:
    PDF Airdolphin 48V Pro Brochure