Land/Marine Wind Turbine

  • 1 year warranty with a 5 year extension / Rugged 20 year life
  • Low mass High Tech Foam Filled Carbon Fiber Composite blades
  • Low speed start up at 5.6 MPH
  • Dual Brush system provides for maximum power transfer
  • Brushless neodymium alternator
  • 1000W generation at 28 MPH
  • Rated up to 145 MPH winds
  • Mounts on standard 1.9" diameter mast
  • Neighbor friendly: only limited noise.

Introducing the latest evolution of small wind turbines, the Zephyr AIRDOLPHIN is quieter, more efficient, and precision-engineered to deliver more energy at lower and dynamically changing wind speeds. Designed for harsh and rugged environments, it is useful for a variety of battery charging applications, such as back up power, remote monitoring systems, sailboats and remote homes while delivering quiet, more consistent energy.

With a power assist start-up function, a seamless responding rotor, an ultra-lightweight design (38.5 lbs), and a swing rudder tail system that allows for instant wind direction tracking, the Zephyr AIRDOLPHIN maximizes efficiency through its superb design.

Pictured: A mounted Airdolphin wind turbine, perfect for use at sea or on land.

Airdolphin Wind Turbine Information:

Airdolphin Spec Sheet


Airdolphin Energy Production Chart


Airdolphin Live Demonstration


(Optional) e10 Control Panel (For Wind Only)


(Optional) e20 Control Panel (For Wind & Solar)


Airdolphin Repair Parts

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Airdolphin Wind Turbine Mark Zero 24V Airdolphin Wind Turbine Mark Zero 24V, Wind Turbine Mark Zero, Airdolphin Mark Zero
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American Zephyr Item #: WGZ30024 -

Airdolphin Wind Turbine Mark Zero 24V is capable of generating power under conditions ranging from light breeze to gale-force winds. Generating power even in hurricane conditions is something that up until now has been considered too dangerous. Extensive tests have shown that the Airdolphin actually generates more power in variable wind conditions, even when the average wind speed is small. This revolutionary finding suggests that the Airdolphin can actually be more cost-effective than...

Airdolphin Wind Turbine Pro 48V Airdolphin 48V Pro, airdolphin pro wind turbine, Airdolphin Wind Turbine Pro 48V
Price: Call For Pricing
Availability: Call for Availability
American Zephyr Item #: WGZ30048 -

Airdolphin Wind Turbine Pro 48V while small in size and mass, is no lightweight when it comes to capturing the power of wind. From the gentle breezes that inspired our company’s name to the raging gales that threaten the very existence of structures, the Airdolphin Pro declines no challenge. Through extensive testing in windy sites around the world, Airdolphin wind turbines have proven to be tough and efficient. Airdolphins instantly respond to the vagaries of wind, while delivering...

Zephyr Airdolphin - Discontinued Airdolphin 5 Year Extended Warranty, extended warranty
Retail: $604.00
Price: $599.00
Availability: Discontinued
American Zephyr Item #: WGZ90050 -

Zephyr Airdolphin 5 Year Extended Warranty - Extends factory warranty to 5 years on the Zephyr Airdolphin Pro, Mark Zero and GTO product series.