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    The AIR-X / AIR 30 Wind generators have been around for many years. Here is an opportunity to refresh the product very easily by adding a new set of high performance carbon fiber blue blades. e Marine is proud to be able to offer a kit that includes:3 hand laminated balanced high performance blue blades, hardware pack and replacement nosecone in a single discounted kit.

    Investment in this kit will provide two distinct advantages. First an increase in energy production in lower wind speeds because the wind energy transfer to the generator becomes more efficient; second a significant reduction in noise off of the blades, especially in the higher winds conditions. This is a result of the strong and firm carbon fiber blade not twisting like it's plastic injected molded counterpart that is currently used with the turbine.

    Installation of the new blade set is quick and easy making the upgrade a snap.See our installation video.

    Upgrade kit will fit all Air X and Air 30 models, 12, 24 or 48 V versions.

    Do you own an Air Breeze or Air-40?? We also have available and upgrade kit for this product which includes: 3 Blades, Hub, Hardware Kit and Nose Cone. WGS70752A

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    Air Breeze Blue Blade Upgrade


    We Purchased an Air Breeze from E-Marine in 2009-based on its reputation for lower noise and high amp output compared to other wind generators.

    We replaced the original black blades after 6 years this summer with the beautiful blue carbon ones.

    The significant reduction in blade/generator noise was apparent to us all Summer.The Black Blades were especially noisy in oscillating wind conditions-The Blue Blades are very quiet in all wind conditions-and exhibit a beautiful shimmering reflection in the sun -

    The wind generator with the blade upgrade also seems to spin and deliver more amps at lower wind speeds.

    The Extra cost was worth the expense -

    Incidentally we purchased our 1987 41.1 Bristol Aft cabin version in 2006 and immediately added E marine Solar panels -We have never had to run the Westerbeke while at anchor for 7 days-our longest stay in any one place while cruising for 6 weeks each summer --Thanks E-marine for this and your great advice and customer support.