Price: $355.00
SKU: SOL50880
Brand: Solarland

    This can be set up in less than 5 minutes.

    80W/12V(nominal) folding solar PV kit includes (2) 40 W solar panels, BUILT-IN stand, slide-on cover, battery charge controller and hook up accessory cables. Unit is completely pre-wired and ready to use. Remove the storage cover, open the panels up, extend the built-in legs, point the panels towards the sun and hook-up to your battery. Hook-up is made easy through the use of two matting connectors that allow easy plug-into-cigarette male and female lighter socket or simple large battery alligator clips.

    There is also included a handle making this product a snap to move around! Setup time is under five minutes. It is so simple that it will leave you impressed. Click here to see how easy to set it up.

    A perfect product if you enjoy boating or RV activities where land/shore power is unavailable. Remove the fear and anxiety of running out of power.

    This is a very value packed product, providing hard to find solutions to many applications. Please see the link below for an extensive amount of information on this great product. We are sure you will not be disappointed in this one.

    Ratings: Voltage 17.2 VDC; Current 4.65 Amps; Power 80W

    Dimensions (open): Length 42.13"; Width 26.57", Depth 1.68"

    Manufacturer # SLP080F-12S

    More detailed information:
    PDF Datasheet for Solarland 80W Portable Foldable Solar Panel SLP080F-12S