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    4KW Inverter Powered System With 2.3 kW of Solar

    All-inclusive kit (except batteries) ready for installation on rooftop. Features 8 fixed frame high efficient solar panels interconnected in to a master power panel that features a 4000W inverter, circuit breakers, battery monitor and solar charge controller.

    Backup Grid Tie Kit with Solar Features:

    • 2300 W of solar (8 panels)
    • 100A MPPT Solar charger
    • Auto bypass power assembly panel by Magnum Power
    • 4000 Watt, 120 V, 60 Hz inverter
    • Battery fuel gauge monitor
    • Solar protection box
    • Lightning protection
    • Mounting hardware
    • Interconnect wires (pre-terminated) for quick installation.
    • Pre Assembled Power-Inverter panel for quick installation

    System requires installation and batteries. We recommended 580 A-Hrs @24V bank, (see kits BDK10500-600A-Hr, BDK10520 -800 A-Hr) a larger battery bank can be added providing extended run time for installations where large load demands require the extra energy storage. Priority load panel would interconnect to the output of the main power panel assembly for quick and easy transfer of electricity when utility grid is lost.

    Note: System does not send excess energy back to utility grid. Not intended as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).