Price: $359.00
SKU: ATH10215
Brand: Aqualine

    The 10 215 Aqualine Plus Marine Regulator are a "smart" 3 step regulator based around an embedded micro controller. The 10 215 Aqualine Plus Marine Regulator contains a number of features that ordinary regulators do not have.

    These features are intended to optimize charging of expensive batteries, to protect delicate equipment like Halogen lamps, and to provide special features such as battery equalization.

    The Aqualine Regulator is a "high side" device intended for use with "P" type alternators only. It cannot be used with alternators which are regulated through the ground side of the field winding.

    The Aqualine Plus Marine regulator features:

    • A "soft start" 90 second turn on delay to minimize belt stress
    • Stepped voltage after regulator time out: 12.7V, 13.3V, 14.2V steps 20 seconds apart (10-215), 25.3V, 26.6V, 28.4V steps 20 seconds apart (10-216)
    • Gell cell protection. Placing the GEL jumper changes the regulator set point to 13.7 volts (27.5 for 10-185)
    • Low profile aluminum heat sink
    • Fused 11-91 wiring harness available
    • Separate power supply and remote sense leads for better performance and control
    • High side regulation
    • Regulator is short circuit and load dump protected
    • Over voltage protection
    • Adjustable Duty cycle current limiting
    • Adjustable bulk voltage set point
    • Manually activated battery equalization routine
    • 3 step charging with bulk, absorption and float modes
    • Turn on delay to protect belts
    • Stepped voltage at turn on
    • Charging voltage reduced for gell cell and halogen light protection
    • Battery over temperature protection - available with optional 10-186, 187 or 188 thermal probe
    • Continuous and reliable tachometer output
    • Regulator LED and/or charge indicator lamp flash signals for Turn on delay, Float mode, Battery over-temperature, Shorted field circuit, Missing or blown fuse

    Note: The wiring harness is now priced as a separate item.