Price: $342.00
SKU: ATH10172
Brand: Powerline


    The 10-199 Regulator Powerline Alternator is designed with a soft start, which increases belt and bearing life and feature either keyed DC or self-excitation AC, available in 12-volt models for battery systems. The 10-199 Regulator waterproof connector eliminates corrosion due to moisture, and includes short-circuit protection for both field and ignition circuits.

    • 12-volt models for battery systems
    • Soft start (low startup field current) increases belt and bearing life
    • High-side regulation
    • AC self-excitation turn-on, as well as DC turn-on, with or without ignition lamp
    • High-voltage shutdown
    • 100-volt load dump protection
    • Loss-of-ground protection
    • Short-circut protection for both field and ignition circuits
    • Up to 15 amps of available field current
    • Drives dual alternator systems
    • LED indication of ignition, field, stator, and overload alternator condition
    • Anodized aluminum heat sink with potted components
    • Adjustable systems voltage with top-mounted potentiometer

    *Pigtail and Harness not included. Please select the 11-80 Harness and 11-89 Pigtail for the 10-199 Regulator Powerline Alternator.

    The 10-199 product is the replacement of the 10-170 regulator.