Price: $462.00
SKU: MSS00001
Brand: Isotherm

    The Safe 10 and Safe 30 have 3 methods of securing valuables:
    1. Digital Touch Pad to input your private code
    2. Magnetic key that can record your private code in the event it is forgotten
    3. Dimpled security key which can be used to open the safe in the event the code or magnetic key is lost

    The Safe 10 has four anchor points in the bottom and two on the back (Safe 30 has 4 anchor points in back) to secure the safe with lag bolts. Digital memory is provided by 4 AA batteries and is supplemented by two contact points in the front to open the safe with a 9 volt battery in the event that the batteries are depleted.
    Marine Small Safe 10
    Dimension H x W x D(in) - 6 x 12 x 9
    Weight(lbs) - 13