• I20 Electric Inboard Motor 20kW 96V Package - EDE32020
  • I20 Electric Inboard Motor 20kW 96V Package - EDE32020

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SKU: EDE32020
    I-Series Drives:

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    Excludes the Battery Pack, Throttle, and Charger

    Compact and Integrated

    A compact design that integrates five functional modules of motor, gearbox, motor controller, system control unit and cooling system into a very small space.


    Take up 60% less space than typical combustion engines and greatly reduce the machine size*, providing installation flexibility and maximizing payload space for you.

    Lighter weight

    65% less weight than typical combustion engines and 30% lighter than electric inboard motors of similar range.*

    Easy to install

    Internal wiring has been connected before delivery, providing you with an out-of-the-box experience.

    Easy to maintain

    The technology and the design of the interfaces significantly lower the maintenance required than combustion engines.

    * Under the same input power.

    Build on
    the state-of-art eSSA

    Underpinned by the ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA), the I-Series inboard motor gives you a state-of-art solution. It features a smart and modular design to deliver you with safe and reliable performance and also supports the integration of ePropulsion Connectivity Service and ADAS.

    Integrated with boating IoT

    ePropulsion Connectivity Service is a value-added service enabling boat owners and fleet managers to communicate with their boats securely and reliably. It allows users to access cloud-based connectivity services without the need for additional accessories.

    Remote data access

    You can check all real-time data, such as location, speed, battery level, remaining charging time, etc.

    Remote monitoring

    Notify users when boats break geofences, exceed speed limits and have suspicious location changes.

    Trip tracking

    Automatically create boating trips with route playback and trip log.

    Shared accounts

    Invite other people to share access to real-time status, past activities and reports.

    Guest authorization

    Remotely authorize guests to power on and operate ePropulsion system with limited permissions.

    Report generation

    Automatically create boat reports and fleet reports to summarise all boating activities.


    Input power20 kW
    Input voltage86 to 115 VDC
    Dimensions (L x W x H)580 x 330 x 380 mm
    Cooling methodWater cooling (air cooling optional)
    Rated rotational speed1500 rpm
    Operation and interactionThrottle & display (standard)
    Connectivity serviceSupport

    A2-0000-00 I-20 Inboard Motor Package- Requires and works only with GB-0100-00 Battery
    2m 96v power cables
    5m 12v cables
    10m comm cables
    G Battery Output Cable Kit 5m
    00-0603-01 ESSA Communication 3-way T Connector
    00-0603-06 ESSA Communication Cable 1m
    00-0603-07 ESSA Communication Extension Cable 10m
    00-0603-09 ESSA Communication 5-way T Connector
    00-0603-10 ESSA Communication Terminator 120Ω
    00-0603-11 ESSA Communication Terminator 360Ω
    A1-M001-00 Bus Box 250A