Price: $397.00
SKU: CCB93715A
Brand: e Marine


    e30 Mariners Package with SB1524iX (15A/24VDC/400W Solar)

    The excellence of the Solar Boost MPPT charge controller is now available in a totally enclosed marine grade package. This package allows for ease of installation, control and cost savings.

    e Marine has packaged up the Blue Sky Energy's 2512iX or 1524iX  MPPT charge controllers in a simple to install all-inclusive package kit. It features a rugged, non-corrosive enclosure, built-in power circuit breaker (on-off control), expanded easy to use large hook up terminal block plus the necessary wire cable clamps and wire crimps to complete the installation.

    The package kit was put together for the prime purpose of minimizing installation time and eliminate the need for sourcing multiple items needed get you charge controller installed. This eliminates the frustration of the installation.

    The Mariners package can be ordered in one of two systems, a 12 V, 25 amp charge controller which allows up to 340 W of solar PV or a 24 V,  15 amp charge controller which allows up to 400 W of solar PV. Each products charge controller is manufactured by Blue Sky Energy who is a leader in M PPT (maximum power point tracking) solar charge controllers.  Both are offered with networking interface (IPN) and selectable  choice of 25 amp auxiliary load control or 2 amp secondary battery bank charger (often used to keep starter battery on board topped off).


    Optional accessories:
    IPN Remote Display

    IPN-Pro Remote Display

    Solar Boost 2000E/2512/3024/6024 Battery Temperature Sensor

    More detailed information:
    pdf-icon.png Manual_BSE_SB1524iX.pdf