Deep Cycle Marine Battery and Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

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Deep cycle marine batterye Marine is an authorized retailer of some of the top battery manufacturers and suppliers of AGM, Flooded, Supercapacitor and Lithium-Ion batteries. The battery purchased for your boat is essential for safety, accessory function and comfort. With the large selection of batteries available and the significant investment, you will want to be sure you are selecting the right battery for your boat.

e Marine is your top supplier of batteries both in the Southeast as well as worldwide for 20 years and will help guide you in picking the right battery for different technologies, load requirements and longevity. e Marine Systems carries several types of deep cycle marine batteries from trusted manufacturers such as FullRiver, Trojan, Lifeline, Relion, Victron and Power King.

Why You Need a Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Car batteries need to provide a surge to start your engine. This is different from a marine deep cycle battery that needs to have a reliable and steady flow of electricity. Think of all the things a marine battery must run:

  1. Navigation equipment
  2. Radio transmitters
  3. Lights and cabin electricity
  4. Water makers
  5. Water heaters
  6. Air conditioners
  7. Winches and pumps
  8. Trolling motors

This is why a deep cycle marine is favored on boats. The deep cycle marine battery is designed to discharge a small amount of energy over a longer period of time compared to a starting battery (like those found in cars). The deep cycle battery is designed to handle deep discharging (50-80%) and recharging repeatedly without damaging the battery’s total lifespan. Certain dual purpose deep cycle battery can also be used as a starting battery.

When selecting your deep cycle marine battery, a good rule of thumb is that the battery should be sized to supply 2-4 times the amount of energy that would be used between recharge cycles. Typical cycle time on a boat is every 24 hours but that will depend on use, recharge equipment and more. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with finding the best batteries for your specific needs.

e Marine Systems is a distributor of marine electrical products including complete installation kits, control panels, high output alternators, inverters, chargers, battery isolators and battery combiners. We assist boat owners/mechanics to determine boat system power demands and then help size/supply the necessary components to provide a complete, on board, alternative energy system. And don’t forget to pair your new deep cycle marine battery with a deep cycle battery charger from e Marine Systems!

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