Whisper, a name with more than 10 years of experience in the field, has been re-engineered and launched under the Southwest Windpower family of wind turbines. The Whisper has an all-new look featuring a cast aluminum frame and smooth, quiet operation of the patented "angle-governor" furling design.

The Whisper 200 is designed for the user who lives in low to moderate wind speed averages (less than 12mph, 5.4m/s).

The bigger brother to the Whisper 100, the Whisper 200 features a 10 ft. (3.1m) rotor diameter and an 80 sq. ft. swept area that provides the user with greater output at low wind speed averages. The Whisper 200 has twice the swept blade area, providing double the potential energy as compared to the Whisper 100. The Whisper 200 also incorporates a permanent magnet alternator powered with an advanced airfoil, thus capturing the most energy in its class as compared to other competitive wind turbines. The Whisper 200 will deliver 6.3 KWH per day.

The Whisper 200 comes with the Multi Voltage Charge Controller.

Turbine and controller are included in the price of the system.

Patented Angle-Governor Exclusive to the Whisper, the side-furling Angle-Governor protects the turbine in high winds by turning the alternator and blades out of the wind, reducing turbine exposure. Unlike other wind turbines that lose as much as 80% of their output when furled, the Angle-Governor allows the Whisper to achieve maximum output in any wind.

New 12/24/36/48 volt Controller - The Whisper 200 comes with the new multi voltage charge controller that offers greater reliability and superior control for battery charging. The price of the Whisper 200 turbine includes the multi voltage controller.

Whisper 200 Specifications:

Rotor diameter: 9' (2.8 meters)
Weight: 65 lbs (30 kg)
Mount: 2,5" Schedule 40
Start-Up wind speed: 7.0 mph (3.1 m/s)
Voltage: 12, 24, 32, 48 VDC
Peak Power: 1000 Watts @ 26 mph (11.6 m/s)