Typmar Wind TurbinesTypmar Maglev is a hybrid vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems which combines drag and lift based design together. It incorporates an S-Type Savonious rotor and Darrieus motor (Eggbeater type) three airfoil blades maximizing output performance.

The entire structure rotating floats on a magnetic field minimizing drag resistance while increased performance plus isolating mechanical rotation variation into the boat hull.

This unique aesthetically pleasing wind turbine provides excellent performance on a boat because of its ability to operate efficiently on omni-direction winds. Its operating low rpm makes it very quiet!

Physical Information
Axis Vertical
Height 42 in.
Diameter 48 in.
Weight 59.8 lbs
Sweep Area 9.9 sq-ft
Blade Material Aluminum Alloy
Rated Power 300 W
Cut-in Wind Speed 6.7 MPH
Cut-out Wind Speed 33.5 MPH
Rated RPM
Survival Wind Speed 145 MPH
Rated Wind Speed
26.8 MPH
Noise (at 26.8 MPH)<40db
Electric Generator
Generator Type3 Phase wild AC
Ambient Temperature-40° -122°F
Drive SystemDirect Drive
Rated Output12V