Super Capacitor Battery BoosterSuper Capacitor Battery Booster - We have all been there. After a long day out on the water when we are ready to crank the engines and head home we feel deep in our gut the fear of an engine “no start” resulting from a weak or discharged  battery that has been drained down from using the onboard electronics. Fear, anxiety or apprehension all cast a cloud over a day of fun and enjoyment.

The KA Power nickel carbon Super Capacitor Battery Booster solves this problem. It is permanently installed and used in parallel with your existing starting battery providing the high energy pulse (boost)  demanded by your starting motor. It quickly recharges itself (usually in less than 30 seconds) allowing multiple full cranking restart attempts even from a weak battery.

Recommended for use on all boats, whether commercial or recreational, and especially where large engines are common. Do not be stuck at sea, have a dependable backup/support capacity at your fingertip.

Standard batteries, which hold a high amount of energy have high internal resistance which limits the amount of energy that can be tapped from the battery in a short period time (cranking). A Super Capacitor Battery Booster internal resistance is extremely low thereby allowing a high amount of energy stored within it to be dumped out in milliseconds.

Below is a selection chart that will help identify the best size KBI battery booster to support your needs. Please feel free to call us should you need some help in sizing for your application.

We recommend considering the Kranking Kart product for use as a temporary device to hook up whenever difficult edging starting is encountered (see below).