Spectra Solar PanelsSpectra Solar Panels by Marlec are a reliable and an affordable way to save your batteries from deep discharge.

Spectra panels are ideal for maintaining and replacing natural discharge in 12V deep cycle batteries for leisure applications. Once Spectra solar panels are installed, it works quietly and efficiently at recharging without any effort on your part.

Spectra Solar Panels Features

  • Range of sizes
    • 10 Watt, 20 Watt or 30 Watt panels
    • 10 Watt solar panels generate up to 3Ah per day in summertime, 21Ah weekly, enough to power a typical summer weekend's cruising
  • Semi-Flexible
    • Panels can be gently flexed to follow the smooth curve on a coach or boat roof
  • Rugged, durable construction
    • Sturdy fiberglass shell protected by a scratch-proof clear Tedlar skin
  • Slim and lightweight
    • No metal outer components to damage the surfaces to which they are fitted
    • Each panel has 4 grommet finished holds for affixing
  • Weatherproof
    • The efficient and stable polycrystalline solar cells are encapsulated between 2 tough outer layers
    • The whole panel is weatherproof and carries a 2-year limited warranty
  • Built-in diode to control current
    • Prevents current from flowing out of the battery during darkness
    • So you can connect Spectra panels directly to the battery
  • Simple and maintenance-free
    • A solar regulator prevents overcharge if the system is left unattended for long periods or if the minimum ratio of 10W of solar panel to every 100Ah of battery is exceeded.
Spectra Solar Panels Details:
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