Rutland 913 is currently discontinued. Please choose its successor the Rutland 914i Wind Turbine. We also carry a full selection of Rutland 914i and Rutland 913 parts

The Rutland 913 Marine Wind Turbine 250W is renowned for its quiet yet powerful operation on board coastal and ocean going yachts. It's designed for optimum performance from the lowest of windspeeds to surviving gales and is an effective and efficient way to deliver energy into batteries on sailing yachts, ready to use the power when you need it. Typically they are seen on yachts of 10m or above in length and where batteries are often in excess of 200Ah.

Rutland 913 Marine Wind Turbine 250W

A renewable energy system designed by Marlec gives you peace of mind. While you enjoy the pleasure of sailing, a Rutland 913 installed on board gives you greater assurance of all the energy you need, taking care of the lighting and safety essentials on board at minimum. For long distance cruising why not add add solar panels from our range and simply using one of our combined wind/solar regulators you will take advantage of the abundant and natural energy around you whatever the weather, day and night.

The Rutland 913 is a common sight in marinas as thousands are in use worldwide. Boat owners like its clean, aerodynamic lines and its quiet and continuous operation. It is a reliable and efficient product with a proven track record from a company that has been developing and manufacturing wind turbines since 1978.

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