Magnum Energy MPPT Solar charge controller   offers a very rugged 100 amp rated output solar PV charge controller that makes it an excellent support equipment for your off grid or battery backup grid tie system. It  can support multiple voltage battery banks (12, 24,48 VDC).

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Magnum PT-100 MPPT Charge Controller Magnum, MPPT charge controller, PT-100, PT100
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The PT-100 is a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) charge controller designed to harvest the maximum available energy from the PV array and deliver it to the batteries. The PT-100’s MPPT algorithm finds the maximum power point of the array and operates at this point while regulating the output current and battery voltage to fully charge the battery. Works With * MS Series* MS-PAE Series* MMP Panel System* MP Panel System SPECIFICATIONS Maximum PV Input Voltage 200 VDC + battery voltage or 240...