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MG Energy Monitor
Price: $487.60
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Item #: IVM60225 -

The MG Energy Monitor is a high resolution touchscreen display. It shows all important battery parameters at a glance. This results in easy control and monitoring of your MG battery system. It provides an overview of the battery system status and gives insight into the energy flows. The compact dimensions and high IP-rating make it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is connected to the BMS CAN-Bus interface of the MG Master LV or HV. The integrated wifi module enables the display to...

MG Master LV 24-48V/600A
Price: $1,586.01
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Item #: BMM18505 -

The Master LV is the BMS for low voltage systems. The main function is protecting the connected batteries. The internal BMS collects the data and monitors all essential battery parameters. This way, the Battery Management System preserves the health of your system. The BMS will always make sure that the parameters will stay within a safe operating window. When exceeding the safe operating window, the internal safety contactor opens automatically. This will disconnect all chargers and loads. As...

MG SmartLink MX
Price: $483.00
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Item #: BMM50480 -

The MG SmartLink MX collects and combines data from MG masters in a battery system and transmits the combined data over CAN-Bus, making it available for third party devices. It also simplifies the management of parallel connected systems, showing them as one battery bank. Compatible with both the Master LV and Master HV, the SmartLink MX provides accurate and reliable data transmission.

MG USB CAN Interface
Price: $311.90
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Item #: BMM50245 -

Connect your MG Master BMS to a laptop or PC with the MG Energy USB CAN Interface. This essential interface is required to access the MG Master BMS Tool on PCs or laptops and to update the BMS. Enjoy the convenience of connecting and managing your BMS remotely.