Inverters are used to convert DC power from a battery bank into AC power, allowing you to use household electronics (e.g. TVs, microwaves, fans, power tools) no matter the environment, weather, or distance from shore. An inverter enables the comforts of a modern lifestyle without the costly purchase and installation of a generator.

eMarine Systems sells several types of inverters:

  • Modified Sine Wave: Modified sine wave inverters are often cheaper, roughly emulating an AC waveform. This is perfect for the majority of simple household electronics, such as coffee makers, toasters, or microwaves. You risk damaging sensitive electronics if you try to run them with a modified sine inverter, so use caution before you make any inverter purchase.
  • Pure Sine Wave: Pure sine wave inverters are more expensive, but they produce a much cleaner and less "noisey" AC waveform. This allows for a pure sine wave inverter to power sensitive electronics. In short, if you intend to power laptops, computers, printers, dimming lights, or televisions with an inverter, you should ensure it's a pure sine wave inverter.
  • Battery Charger: Some inverters will operate as both an inverter and battery charger, recharging the battery bank when grid power is available and automatically switching into an inverter mode when the grid power is lost keeping your priority circuits always powered.

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UGE 1600W 24V Inv/Chrg
Retail: $600.00
Price: $500.00
Availability: In Stock
UGE Item #: IVU02024 -

The unit we have on sell is a 2 KVA. Important note even though the unit has a PV input it does not support solar panels

We offer a larger variety of Grid Tie Inverter or Off Grid Inverter that can be ordered directly on the web.

If you do not see the size or make of the inverter you are seeking please call us since not all of our products we offer are listed on the website. Quantity discount pricing is also available.

We are also an authorized warranty Inverter Repair Service Center for Magnum inverter's, but can test and perform Inverter Repairs of other makes as well.

Inverter selection can be tricky, please call so we can assist in helping you select the best product!