Saturday, May 25, 2019

6 Advantages of Charging Trolling Motor Batteries with Solar

Solar charging trolling batteries

Anglers and Bass Boaters need to power and recharge their boats trolling motor, starter and house batteries. Solar charging of trolling motor batteries with equipment supplied by e Marine Systems has the distinct advantages over traditional power systems. Here are a few reasons to choose solar charging for boat..

Advantage #1 of Solar Charging Trolling Batteries while you fish!

Trolling while fishing uses a substantial amount of electric power and can take a lot out of your batteries. Typically, without a charging system on board, removal to recharge your batteries after each fishing excursion is required or the hook up of an external battery charge after returning home. Extra work after a great day of fishing.

With a solar re-charging setup for the boats batteries from e Marine Systems, you do not need to be concerned about recharging the batteries after your fishing adventure. With available sun, the batteries will begin recharging during your fishing trip and will become fully charged automatically while the boat is back at your home location. As these solar systems have built-in regulator’s, there is never a worry about the batteries becoming overcharged. And added vantage is the starter battery is also recharge to maintain assuring an engine start upon the beginning of your early morning fishing expedition.

Advantage #2 of Solar Charging Trolling Batteries through Clean Energy

Our impact on the environment becomes clearer with each passing year. Our oceans and waterways have delicate ecosystems, and it’s good to be able to protect them—even while enjoying their beauty. Solar charging trolling batteries from e Marine Systems allows you to spend time on the water with minimal impact to the environment.

Advantage #3 of Solar Charging Trolling Batteries: Renewable Energy

When you use the solar panel to recharge your batteries your capturing an endless supply of energy from the sun. No need to run the gas engine or plug into your local utility, it all happens naturally and is free every day.

Once you invest in a solar charging setup for your trolling batteries, like the ones available from e Marine Systems, you have a virtually limitless energy supply. This saves you money over the course of time.

Advantage #4 of Solar Charging Trolling Batteries: Low-Maintenance Operation

The solar panels used for charging trolling batteries require minimal maintenance. They have no moving parts, and it takes very little time to keep them ship-shape (cleaning off the glass and making sure it is pointed towards the sun).

e Marine Systems offers solar power kits in several different sizes and styles for solar charging trolling batteries. Our staff can help you figure out exactly the right setup for your needs.

Advantage #5 of Solar Charging Trolling Batteries: No Fuel Required

If you rely on a portable generator for your power, or a gas-powered motor, you will need to carry and burn extra fuel with you when you are out trolling.

When you are solar charging the trolling motor batteries with a system from e Marine, you do not need to weigh your boat down by carrying a fuel supply with you—your “fuel” is with you as long as there’s daylight.

Advantage #6 of Solar Charging Trolling Batteries: Peace & Quiet

Solar power is a silent technology. When you use solar power equipment from e Marine Systems for solar charging your trolling motors, starter & house batteries, you eliminate the loud noise of a standard generator or outboard engine.

You and your passengers can relax more…and the sea life around you doesn’t have to be disturbed by noise pollution, unless you opt to blast Big Mouth Billy Bass’s Greatest Hits from your boat’s stereo system.

For more ideas about how solar charging your trolling motor batteries can work for you, call e Marine Systems at 954-581-2505. We’ll be happy to help you take advantage of all those sunny days on the water.