Price: $1,646.00
SKU: BCX50100
Brand: Xantrex


    The XPLORE 120/12 battery charger is the largest and most powerful charger in the market today. The universal, auto-ranging AC input and 120 amps of output current ensures ultra-fast and reliable worldwide charging. With up to six output banks of simultaneous charging combined with the ability to charge two battery banks with differing chemistries, the XPLORE 120/12 eliminates the need to have separate single-chemistry chargers and minimizes installation and wiring costs for your house bank and engine bank.

    It is also equipped with an easy-to-read front panel LED display for basic configuration and status information. Advanced monitoring and configuration is enabled by NMEA 2000 protocol or Xantrex app using the Xantrex BLE  (Blue Tooth) module.

    XPLORE 100A /12V/ 6 Bank Charger Features:

    • 6 Battery Banks and Dual-Chemistry Charging
    • Xantrex Lithium and Custom Battery Charging
    • NMEA 2000 Connectivity
    • Xantrex App Connectivity
    • Auto-ranging universal input voltage (80-265 VAC, 45-65 Hz)
    • Power Share: automatically reduces charging output to prevent nuisance tripping of the AC input breaker.
    • Quiet Mode: when enabled, the internal fan is turned off and the charger operates at a reduced output when quietness is needed.
    • Storage Mode: automatically refreshes your batteries once every several days of non-use to ensure optimal battery condition.
    • Blue Tooth Module Included w 15' cord for remote location.
    • Connect to smartphone  IOS/Android Free Apps for remote monitoring.

    Production Features

    • Reverse battery polarity protection
    • Drip-proof design
    • Over and under-temperature protection
    • DC over-voltage protection
    • Battery overcharging protection

    Xplore detailed information:
    PDF XPLORE Datasheet
    PDF XPLORE Owner's Guide