Price: $23.00
SKU: EPE60006

    TYCO - 6 feet - #10

    The cable is made with #10 wire, with a male and female Tyco connector factory preassembled at each end.

    In some applications installers will cut the cable in half providing two feed wires (half the length)  that can be connected from the  solar panel charge controller at one end while the other two ends are terminated with the male and female Tyco connectors  allowing direct plug in connect to solar panels that have factory flying leads with male and female Tyco connectors available as their wiring interface.

    This cable is typically used with Mage solar panels as well as other panels that take the Tyco Connections.

    On marine installations we recommend using our prefabricated cables which utilize Marine grade 10-2 cable terminated at one end with the male and female Tyco connectors.