Price: $165.00
SKU: CCM34250


    TWO FOR ONE: The SunSaver Duo is an advanced PWM dual-battery bank charge controller for boats, RV's and other installations that require simultaneous battery charging of two separate (isolated) batteries. The controller features a solar input connection and two battery connections.

    A status LED indicates charging progress and controller operating state. Battery charging and operating parameters are adjusted using five (5) Setting DIP switches. The SunSaver Duo also features self-diagnostics and electronic error protection. Corrosion resistant power terminals and an epoxy-encapsulated circuit board provide maximum environmental protection and reliability. Selection of battery type (Flooded/Sealed) and charge sharing between banks (either 50/50 or 90/10) makes this a versatile product.

    REMOTE METER INCLUDED: A remote meter is included with the SunSaver Duo. The meter features a large 4-digit display, custom icons, flush or surface mount (bezel included) and 32 ft interconnect cable. The RM-1 provides comprehensive system information including voltage, current and temperature. A Status LED provides quick reference to the level of charge on the system battery. Soft buttons allow for easy navigation of the meter menus. Self diagnostics and error reporting for troubleshooting.

    OPTIONAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR: An optional remote temperature sensor (remote to 25 ft, but can be extend to 100ft away) can be purchased. This is recommended if the battery environmental temperature is more than 5 degrees F different than the Duo location temperature.



    More detailed information:
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