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    Morningstar’s SunKeeper solar controller provides a low cost regulated output directly from the solar module to maximize battery life in small solar power applications. The SunKeeper is epoxy encapsulated and rated for outdoor use. By mounting directly to the module junction box and wiring through the junction box knockout, the connection is weather-proof. This eliminates the need for an additional housing for the controller

    6 Amp 12 Volt

    Model Numbers



    • Rotary digital switch to select among 10 lighting options (see back)
    • Test button flashes red LED to confirm correct rotary switch selection
    • Test button turns lights on for 5 minutes (in LVD limited to 3 times)
    • LVD overrides lighting timer
    • Sunrise overrides lighting timer
    • Timer accuracy is within 2 seconds

    Key Features and Benefits:

    High Reliability
    Rated to 70°C to operate in high temperatures at the solar module.  More reliable than controllers mounted inside the junction box. Uses very low on-resistance power MOSFET’s. No need to re-rate.

    Outdoor Rated
    ETL approved for outdoor use without an additional enclosure. Rugged IP65, UV resistant case. Epoxy encapsulated printed circuit board and watertight connection to the module junction box.

    Extensive Electronic Protections
    Fully protected against reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent, lightning and transient surges, high temperature and reverse current at night.

    Longer Battery Life
    Series PWM with 3 stage charging: bulk, PWM regulation and float.  Includes temperature compensation at the controller or alternatively at the battery when using optional remote temperature sensor. Able tocharge a zero voltage battery.

    Rated for Hazardous Locations
    Specifically designed for solar power systems in the oil/gas industry. Approved for use in Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D.

    More Information
    Bi-color LED is easy to read from the ground when the solar module is pole-mounted. Indicates solar charging, regulation, normal nighttime operation and any controller or system faults.

    Easy to Install
    Fits standard half inch conduit knockout (PG 13.5, M20) in module junction box. Quickly fastens with included locknut. Wires have fork connectors for easy connection to solar module terminals.



    More detailed information:
    PDF Operator's Manual
    PDF Datasheet