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    This cool charging  accessory allows you to recharge the Spirit 1.0 or 1.0+ electric outboard battery pack using up to 180W of solar power or by plugging  directly into an available 12VDC accessory socket.

    Also available...... e Marine offers an optional kits that include either a115W flexible solar panel taking the guess work out of choosing the right panel.

    Regardless of either charging sources you use, is an excellent way to recharge your battery pack during those unused times.

    Spirit Solar Charger Specifications:

    • Max Solar PV input power: 180 W
    • Max Solar input current: 10A 
    • MPPT tracking range:12V≤Vp≤35V
    • 6.02" x 3.98" x 1.93"   2.76 lbs

    Included is the pre-wired solar charge controller, 12V 15" adapter charging cable, MC-4 Tool for quick disconnect the of the solar panel or charging cord.

    Product carries a 2 year factory warranty.

    Part Number: S1-C003-00

    Spirit Solar Charger information:
    PDF Spirit Solar Charger Manual