Price: $379.00
SKU: SOB30146
Brand: Solbian

    These fully weatherproof mono-crystaline solar modules designed to provide clean and reliable power for marine, RV, and other outdoor applications. An unbreakable plastic film surface makes these panels ideal for mounting on flat or gently curved decks. The flexible, super-efficient, long-lasting solar panel solution for use on soft Bimini Tops, hard dodgers, decks, RV roofs and almost any other application where lightweight thin flexible solar panels are needed. they can be attached with double stick tape, zippered or velcrowed.

    SOLBIANFLEX solar panels utilize Mono crystalline silica in cells with high efficiency to convert energy from sunlight into electricity. The circuit of the cell assembly is laminated to a polymer formed by a sheet of transparent plastic in front, and in all patent plastic sheet on the back, which serves as protection against weathering and provide electrical installation.

    • Solar cells with highest efficiency
    • Fully weatherproof low-profile (only 0.079" thick)& lightweight design
    • Semi-Flexible panels for flat surface mount to 10% curved surfaces
    • Unbreakable protective plastic film coating
    • 5 year power output warranty; 2 year materials limited warranty
    • Junction box w MC-4 connectors. Hook-up cables available.
    • Made in Italy

    Dimensions: 53.70" x 14.37" x 0.079"

    Ratings: Voltage 8.0 VDC; Current 8.1 Amps; Peak Power 64W

    Weight: 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)

    Part # SXP64LJB

    These panels are not designed to be walked on. if mounting on a flexible canvas type surface, such as a Bimini top, tent or canopy, caution should be used to be sure no hard braces are located behind the panel and that the canvas type surface be extremely tight and rigid. Strong flexing over years may cause failure and care should be taken when selecting a installation location. Please call should you have any questions or concerns about the installation site you are considering. These panels are very flexible and therefore not recommended for portable use unless they are attached to a backing to minimize excessive bending and flexing.


    • Thin wires dense mesh
    • Particularly resistant to shocks
    • Less sensitive to shading
    • "Full square" polycrystalline cells for a great quality/price ratio
    • Easy installation with LOXX snap fastners, zip, screws, adhesive, metal eyelets


    Peak Power (+/- 5%) - Pmax 64 W
    Rated Voltage - Vmp 8.0 V
    Rated Current - Imp 8.1 A
    Open Circuit Voltage - Voc 10.4 V
    Short Circuit Current - Isc 8.4 A
    Length 53.70" (1364 mm)
    Width 14.37" (365 mm)
    Thickness 0.079" (2 mm)
    Weight 2.65lbs (1.2 kg)
    Num. of cells 16
    More detailed information:
    PDF Solbian SXP64L Datasheet
    PDF Solbian SXP series Installation Guide