Price: $108.00
SKU: FSB33281A
Brand: e Marine


    Solar PV Dual Circuit Disconnect allows an easy and safe means to turn off/on and disconnecting the vessel solar array. This is extremely important when the high voltage solar system becomes necessary to reset the charge controller or for servicing.

    The solar PV single string disconnect is rated up to 16A on systems up to 300 VDC. It is strongly recommended on solar system voltages above 48 VDC.

    This disconnect features a dual (2 pole) switch, which disconnects both the plus and a minus feed wires from the solar array providing an extra layer of protection. It is housed in a nonmetallic enclosure (NEMA4 rated) making it extremely durable for use in the marine environment.

    Included with the disconnect are 2 non-metallic cable glands (.545-.709”) that can be installed into any one of 4 pre-molded knockouts (2 located on both the top and bottom) making for a water resistant wiring connection.

    The clearly marked identification and warning labels gives clear indication to anyone unfamiliar with the ships systems when servicing or during an emergency situation.

    Dimensions: 7.0” Length x 3.8” Wide x 3.0” (4.3” inc switch) High