Silentwind Power Blue Blades
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    Silentwind Silent Power Blades are replacement blades for a Silentwind Generator and an awesome solution to upgrade an Air X, Air 30 or AirBreeze, Air 40 wind generator manufactured by Primus Wind Power. 

    Silent Power Blades iconic trademarked "blue blades" are easily identified in a mooring harbor by their color and not  the noise. They are hand laid carbon fiber blades that are balanced into a set providing maximum energy harvest from the wind while operating with minimum vibration and very low noise.

    The Blue Blades are made in Portugal by Rulis Eléctrica, Lda

    • Sold in set of 3 (each set of 3 the blades are equally balanced blades for max power and low vibration)
    • High-tech replacement rotor-blades for windgenerators SILENTWIND, all AirX©-types and AirBreeze© or Air 40 (Use Air Breeze Air 40 Blue Blade Upgrade Kit WGS70752A)
    • Ultra low noise emission
    • Made by 100% carbon fibre material
    • Wind channel optimized
    • Hand laminated, UV-resistant carbon blades, successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122km / h (5480 rpm, with almost speed of sound at the blade tips). The safety of our rotorblades results from the fact that the production is made with the time-intensive hand-laminating process (1day/blade) with High-Tensile carbon fiber mats.All other carbon fiber blades are made of an injection-process only with granulated carbon fibers. The strength and UV resistance with this process is very limited.
    • Balanced for low vibration

    Silentwind Silent Air X Air 30 Installing Blades Video:

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    St. Augustine, FL

    Like new AirX


    Our AirX was starting to show its age. Very loud, vibrating the pole and it would cut out frequently. We brought it to eMarine for a "tune-up" and to replace the dinged, original blades, with the new Blue Blades. The combination of the tune-up and the new blades is amazing. No vibration, no screaming noise in high winds. Highly recommended. Thanks eMarine