Price: $99.25
SKU: SRC80010
Brand: Silent Running

    One Gallon

    Silent Running 

    The latest evolution in sound reduction.  Forget about oil absorbing  smelly foam that deteriorates over time.  Paint  the SR1000 on and forget it!  Silent Running  is a high performance, viscoelastic coating used to dampen vibration ultimately leading to  reduction of unwanted noise on board!

     Stop the noise at its source, stop the vibration!


    • USCG approval 164.112/74/0
    • Wide Temp. range -30F to 250F
    • Works on metal, fiberglass or wood hulls
    • Easy \"paint on\" installation
    • Clean up is quick with water
    • Excellent adhesion properties
    • 1 Gallon covers 40 sq.ft. @ 40 mils
    • Neighbor Friendly