Rutland 1200 Wind Generator Frequently Asked QuestionsRutland 1200 Wind Generator Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing a clicking or clunking noise while the turbine is rotating?

  1. The nose cone may be loose and needs to be replaced.
  2. Try securing it with a dab of silicone.

My 1200 wind generator starts and stops in moderate wind speeds.

  1. This will occur if your batteries are close to being fully charged,
  2. The Wind generator reached the maximum wind speed cut-out.
  3. A loose connections in the wind generator controller and batteries. Check the fuse and fuse connections.
  4. Check the three-phase wild AC coming into the charge controller. Using a AC voltage meter, go-between A to B, B to C, and C to A, phases. Voltage readings should be consistent, if not check wiring between wind generator and controller. This may also indicate a possible bad wind generator or brushes in the wind generator head need replacement.

I Cannot get Wind Generator to go into a "BRAKE" mode when I push the Brake Button on the controller.

  1. Be sure press and hold the button for at least four seconds to engage brake mode. Holding the button less than this time will not enable the brake mode. The green light should come on indicating the break is on. Release button at that point.
  2. Restart controller. Wait until there is no wind, disconnect fuse, wait one minute and then re-insert fuse. This will perform a hard reset on the controller. If this does not resolve the problem then there may be an issue with the controller and it would require replacement.