Price: $212.00
SKU: MKW10050


    Roof Mount Kit without Seal

    Wind generator roof mount kit is designed to be simple to install and to reduce the vibrations that the generator may produce. It is specifically designed for the mounting of the “AIR” series of wind generators  (AIR Breeze, AIR30, Silent AIR X  and AIR40).Will also work with other small wind generators designed to be mounted on a 1 1/2 inch pipe.

    The mounts included in this kit are intended to be attached to the side of building or similar structure. The actual hardware used to mount the kit to the structure may vary, depending on the type of construction and thickness of materials. It is recommended that lag screws or through bolts and washers be used to mount the kit to a wood framed structure ( not included).

    Avoid mounting the turbine on the downwind side of your structure where wind turbulence may become a factor in turbine performance.

    Simple mounting system for your Air 30 wind turbine Mounts flush to the side of a structure Mast Pole not included Made in the U.S.A.

    Manufacturer # 1-TWA-19-02