Price: $69.00
SKU: BMM20200


    Midnite Solar Battery Monitor is a very cool, low-cost and non-intimidating products.  It connects up with just two wires and requires no calibration.  What is great about this product, and the reason we like it so much besides its low-cost, is that anyone, including a child,  can look at the monitor and very quickly determine the approximate energy (state of charge) of the battery bank.  It is colorful LEDs and simple to read icons make it a fun product to show off to your visitors.  It is so easy to read, that anyone with out any technical knowledge can determine how much energy left is the battery bank.

    In addition, there are 3 Battery Care LEDs located on the left side of the meter providing a quick glance as to when the battery last received its charge.  This is helpful information in monitoring the health of your battery and the charging system connected to it.

    This unit also includes a separate input allowing the meter to be tied to your system"key" on-off switch or an external"push to read"button so the battery monitoring can be operable even when the display is turned off allowing minimum energy draw.

    If your budget does not allow for expensive battery monitors, this is the product you should seriously consider given the minor investment.  With a glance you will know exactly where your battery capacity is at!

    Meter must be installed with a 2A fuse which is not included. There is no shunt required and it will automatically select system voltages of  12, 24, 36 or 48V DC systems. Supports Gel, AGM or Lead Acid Batteries(via jumper selection).

    Measures 4.75" x 3.76" x .85"  it surface mounts in four locations (one in each corner, hidden by the front plate) and only requires one small hole be drilled allowing wires to run down to the battery.

    More detailed information:
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