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    A Powerful MPPT charge controller on the market at a great price!!

    The Classic substantially increases the flexibility, features and range currently found on MPPT controllers at an incredible price.  With all the Classics you receive reliability, functionality and an incredibly powerful MPPT charge controller!


    • Manual and Auto EQ
    • Built in DC-GFP and
    • Arc Fault Protection (Not available on Lites)
    • Communicates with the Clipper and Whizbang Jr.
    • Online Status Monitoring
    • Full Internet capability
    • Remote and local display possible
    • 250VDC operating voltage
    • Exclusive HyperVOC extends VOC limits
    • 380 days of daily history, 24 hours of data at 5 minute intervals
    • 12-72V battery charging standard
    • Solar, Wind and Hydro MPPT modes
    • Communications - Ethernet, Modbus and RS232
    • Parallel operation for multiple Classic systems
    • ETL Listed for the US & Canada
    • Made in America



    Nominal Battery Voltage  12 thru 72V on Classic's.  Lite requires PC or MNGP for advanced feature programming
    Maximum Output Current   61A on 12V, 62A on 24V, 55A on 48V, and 43A on 72V battery
    Power Conversion Efficiency
     98% (Typical system)
    Charging Regulation  Bulk, Absorb, Float as well as Equalization
    Warranty  5 Year Standard
    Weight  12 Lbs
    Dimensions  14.9"L x 6"H x 4"W



    MidNite Solar Classic and Classic Lite Comparison






    More detailed information:
    PDF Datasheet
    PDF Owner's Manual
    PDF Quick Start Guide
    PDF Classic & Classic Lite Comparison