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    The MidNite BRAT is simply the most versatile Solar Controller in its class.

    The BRAT is a finely-tuned solar PWM charge capable of providing up to 30 Amps of charging current, with class-leading lighting and load control features including one-of-a-kind Solar Clock.

    Rain-proof out of the box, and supporting dead-battery charging and low-voltage load disconnect.  The BRAT is perfect for outdoor, marine, RV, and unattended remote applications.

    Manufacturer Part # MNBRAT


    • Selectable charging modes
      20A charger with 10A load control
      30A charger without load control
    • Bulk, Absorb, Float, and Equalize (user adjustable)
    • 0 to 100% PWM, no relays, no fans, no external heat-sink
    • Clear UV stabilized polycarbonate housing; rain and bug proof
    • 12V/24V Flooded, GEL, AGM battery supported
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Auto resetting over temperature protection
    • 8 position switch for main charger settings
    • 16 position rotary switch for lighting controller
    • Four LEDs for Bulk, Float, Load On and Low Battery
    • Patterned blinking LEDs provide feedback about fault conditions
    • Highly customizable lighting controller
      (dusk-dawn, hourly, day, night, etc.)
    • Load/Test Button
      - 10 second test of the load circuit
      - Requests a manual EQ
      - Resets LED fault notification
    • Field repairable printed circuit board (by a qualified technician)


    Input Voltage     Up to 60VDC
    Nominal Battery Voltage  12V or 24V  - Selectable
    Maximum Charage Current   30A as charge only, reduced to 20A if the load controller is used
    Charging Regulation  Bulk, Absorb, Float as well as Equalization 
    Equalization Charging  Automatic, 15/30V, two hours every 30 days or no EQ
    Load Circuit Rating
     10A max
    Environmental Rating
      Outdoor - weather proof, type 3R/IP55
    Warranty  2 Year
    Weight  1 Lbs
    Dimensions  6.75"L x 6.0Z'W x 2.375"D
    More detailed information:
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