Mast Absorbs Marine Wind Generators Vibration

Cruising Vessels equipped with marine wind generators typically have a dedicated mast used as the mounting post for the wind generators. Any and all vibrations generated by the wind generators rotating blades will transfer down into the vessels hull. These vibrations can make living on board discomforting and un-pleasurable since the hull structure acts as a large speaker cone.

Designed for use in the marine environment, the custom manufactured mast from eMarine solves the problem by coating the interior of the mast with a vibration absorbing material that can significantly reduce the transmitted vibration. mast-coating-01-sm.jpg

The high performance coating is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted sound and vibration. It works by converting vibration into low grade heat which is the dissipated through the skin of the mast. It is marine durable, non-flammable and is US Coast Guard Approved.

The masts are fabricated to length with all machining performed prior to coating. If the mast is purchased with the matching mast mount hardware kit, additional rubber isolators help to remove any latent vibrations before entering the hull.

Watch the short video to really experience the difference!